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Alternate History Books   >   Books   >   West of Eden


West of Eden

    Stone age humans versus intelligent reptiles.

Prequels & Sequels:

This book is part of a three book series (trilogy):
  1. West of Eden
  2. Winter in Eden
  3. Return to Eden

Review of West of Eden:

This book and its two sequels are based on a wonderful, if arguably not very plausible idea, namely that the asteroid that hit the Earth 65 million years ago did not do so, the dinosaurs did not become extinct, and now, in the present day, intelligent reptiles come into conflict with stone age humans (supposedly evolved from New World primates).

The intelligent reptiles species in the novels are known as the Yilané. In the story, they are trying to expand into North America, and thus entering into conflict with humans. The author, Harry Harrison, has done an wonderful job of creating an imaginative society for the Yilané, for example, their society is matriarchal and makes extensive use of biological technologies, especially genetically engineered devices; the Yilané's submarines are modified ichthyosaurs, their boats are modified squids, their guns are modified monitor lizards, and their microscopes are frogs. In the novels, the Yilané's main role is to be the enemy for humans - I actually would have liked to find out more about them.

There are many good things about these books, they are interesting to read, fast-paced, and you want to know what happens next. That said, there were things that I felt were not sufficiently thought through. It's obvious that Harry Harrison did put a lot of research into some areas (there's a quite detailed appendix for example), which makes these points even more annoying.
  • The Yilané are supposed evolved from mosasaurs, a group of large marine reptiles that in reality went extinct at about the same time as dinosaurs. I don't know why Harry Harrison made this decision, as it seems very odd, especially since he could have chosen any one of numerous species of dinosaur as an ancestor instead.

    Many readers also make the mistake of describing the Yilané as dinosaurs - they're not! Not all large reptiles were dinosaurs! (I don't recall Harry Harrison making this mistake in the text).

  • If the Yilané were evolved from mosasaurs (whose limbs had evolved into flippers), how did they back-evolve hands? Dollo's Law states the evolution is not substantively reversible because it's too statistically improbable. (To be fair, there have been some challenges made to Dollo's Law).

  • Why are the dinosaurs depicted as slow-moving cold-blooded reptiles? Even in the 1980s, when these novels were written, a view of the dinosaurs as warm-blooded creatures was becoming more mainstream.

  • Why are the dinosaurs (and apparently all reptiles in the story) poisonous to humans? In our timeline, humans have no trouble eating turtle, alligator, iguana or snake.

  • I may well be mistaken, but I think that some of the dinosaurs featured were already extinct long before the KT boundary (65 million years ago when the asteroid hit the Earth).

  • Despite mammals being confined to a small corner of the world, and presumably having evolved by a completely different route (for example, no large mammal species is supposed to have evolved in the Old World), they seem surprisingly similar to our timeline's mammals.

  • Personally I couldn't quite accept the Yilané society. They are an advanced technologically sophisticated species, but do not use fire as part of their technology. Similarly, despite having relatively advanced technologies like submarines, they don't seem to have previously explored North America - it's worth remembering that our timeline's humans were able to occupy the whole of the Americas and Australia using nothing more than stone age technology.
It is possible to put aside most of these points when reading, because you get caught up in what is a fast-paced adventure novel. One other thing that I did miss however was the trademark humor that we often see in many of Harry Harrison's works.

To summarize, I would say this is a good read, but perhaps not quite as good as it could have been. I'd certainly recommend it even though I did have some concerns about the scientific accuracy and plausibility of the story.

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